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The following infographic explores the top 15 tattoos in 2016 by type.

Tattoos by Country

Top 10 tattoos according to tattoo-sharing community IGDA

A graphic novel by James Patterson and illustrated by Peter Siboni, which depicts a family, the main character is shown to have an inkling of the supernatural.

The story is set between the days of the apocalypse and the New World Order in the year 3000.

The comic begins innocently enough: a boy is brought from his grave in the dead of night by his father to a mysterious house with a glowing sign saying “You’re Welcome”. As the boy leaves the house his father asks him to meet a mysterious young man in the woods outside the house. The boy, in the hopes of finding a map, goes off the path, but it is too late. The man with a sign is real and the boy meets with the man after the light of day has faded.

The story is set during an age when the world is under the rule of The World Government, a shadowy organisation that holds control of all the world’s technologies and resources. The boy escapes and escapes again, to the wilds where he encounters a local, an older man who he suspects as a spy working for The World Government. The younger man takes a mysterious woman named Tania, who is the sole inhabitant of the house of the mysterious man, and asks her to help them escape as well. Tania is told something in the woods that tells her how to get out, but she doesn’t find any clues.

The man with the sign leads the young boy for miles, but is finally spotted by one of the village elders. The elders call out to the boy’s dad, who is still out on a hunting trip in the woods… in the midst of a storm.

But, the man with the sign doesn’t want to leave his daughter alone and tells her to follow him. The two men meet up near the edge of a clearing, where the sky breaks and a huge creature, clad in a grey, storm-torn suit, attacks The World Government’s flagship warship.

The World Government is destroyed and the boy, with his dad’s help, escapes to a village in the middle of the storm. The young woman takes Tania to a deserted house that she believes could be his home again… but she eventually finds that the house only has a broken window in the basement and that its owner is the same man

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