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When we think of tattoos as a type of art, and we think of it as a form of expression, this is a big, big misconception, because many people do just what they like; that’s fine, because then they’re entitled to do this thing. When you take a tattoo off, it’s a little bit of an ethical thing to do. Because if you’re going to use animal blood on your arm, it’s not only going to bleed, but it’s going to bleed into your lungs; that should get you very sick. They’re going to eat it and they’re going to get cancer. And I don’t like that.

When people put tattoos on themselves, are they trying to make themselves a more attractive, more “in” tattoo artist?
25 Best Places to get Tattoos on your body

That’s absolutely ridiculous. Tattoos are like body art. Tattoos are just a piece of art. And if you don’t use our standard of what looks good in a tattoo, or what looks good on your body, you’re just kind of doing a disservice to yourself.

I just think tattoo artists have an obligation to their clients and society at large to be very clean-cut when they’re tattooing. And that’s just an ethical responsibility.

Are more tattoos done today because of the internet, or just because tattoo artists have more information available and more choices available to them?

I don’t think the internet has changed the situation at all. What’s happened at an art school is that, in these very narrow terms of whether you can get that tattoo, you now have the Internet as another avenue to reach someone if you are looking for a particular tattoo or don’t find it on here. So, even the very few people who are actually doing good work, if you’re looking for something on-the-go, or if you want to tattoo something that is, you know, personal, I think that you will find it on-the-go without having to buy out you’re local tattoo shop’s inventory.

But I don’t think that the Internet has changed the situation at all. What I think has changed is that you have people who are just more educated. A couple of years ago, I would have had, you know, 10 people who were tattooing, and now most of them have a degree. So, when they get their tattoo on-the-go, it can be at their home. And they’re not doing it to find it at a tattoo shop, they

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