What is new school tattooing?

“There has never been a better time to come home.”
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These words are written in black ink, along with a simple, white star on a white background, on a pair of brown leather gloves. They were discovered by a man named Scott, in the basement of his home in Los Angeles that he had rented for the past few months. The house was in a relatively quiet and quiet neighbourhood. After getting the call that Scott has found what is believed to be the remains of the bodies of two young boys, we were all shocked when he said he found the gloves. Scott was the last person to go upstairs to the kitchen on Sunday, December 30th. It occurred with both the kitchen and living room full of the residents who had no idea why the house was so quiet; there was not a trace of the adults. On Monday, the forensics team took everything, including the gloves, and it was finally determined that the children had indeed died.

The gloves were actually the most significant information found at the scene; the two adults on the sofa were actually the deceased teenagers. The fact that they left the house wearing gloves, and that Scott found them in his basement was what initially tipped off police. The family had been trying to hide the fact that they had two dead kids for two years, and only admitted to their presence due to the discovery of the gloves.

The case has since brought renewed attention to the issue of missing kids, as more cases are being reported with children who have gone missing at an earlier age. It is believed that there are currently approximately 2,000 children missing in the US. With this increasing number, more than 50 cases are now currently being investigated in the Los Angeles area by the Los Angeles Police Department. They are investigating a series of killings, as well as a strange series of deaths involving a group of men and women, many of whom have been living in one property for as long as three years.

All of this is occurring in the same neighborhood, where in the past two years alone, there has been a number of murders related to a cult, and the disappearance of a young boy, whom investigators believe must have died. The case is also being investigated as possibly connected to a series of shootings and a series of murders, also in the same neighborhood. On Tuesday, police received new information about the case; they were informed that the house was being used, on a yearly basis, as a ‘safehouse’, where young children were tortured and murdered.