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A black and white tattoo, also known as an “OGGY” or “OGGYW” tattoo, is a type of natural or organic tattoo usually depicting a large black and white animal with a white face; an African or Asian lion, tiger, leopard, or bear. These tattoos are common in African tattoo parlors; some call them “OGGYW tattoos.” The most common type is the “OGGY” tattoo, which typically has an animal with a single eye, and no real distinguishing characteristics. “OGGYW” tattoos are common across the United States but especially among African Americans.

When is the best time for a black and white pig tattoo?

For those living in colder climates, such as New England or the northeast, it is best to have an “OGGYW tattoo” before the end of summer and then move to an area of warmer weather.

Are black and white tattoos safe?

The general rule of thumb is, yes, black and white are safe if done correctly. However, the safety of a black and white tattoo depends on the type of tattoo and how it is done.

How safe is black and white tattoo?

Black and white tattoos are not very common. The reason for this is that “OGGY” and “OGGYW” tattoos are rare in African tattoo parlors and are much less likely than the other tattoo designs to be noticed and treated properly by the skin color. They are also not as common as “OT” tattoos, which are much more common in African tattoo parlors. The main reasons for these differences are related to the types of skin colors and their associated cultural views.

It is important to note that because black and white tattoos are not common in African tattoo parlors there is no way to truly know if one is safe. Therefore, it is important that you visit an established African tattoo parlor only to see the actual techniques used for a “OGGYW” or “OGGY” tattoo. It is more common, however, for the technique of a “OGGY” or “OGGYW” tattoo to be used simply because it has become the most popular type among African tattooers.
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Black and white tattoos should not be done under any circumstances. You should only tattoo over white-on-black skin if you are absolutely sure that you will not be affected (like from blood or a skin infection). The only exception to this rule is when you will be in

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