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“Black and GREY tattoo is a permanent and highly distinctive tattoo on your body, usually consisting of two separate tattoo plates (two parallel tattoos) that blend from dark to light in a unique metallic finish. Black and GREY tattoos also allow the wearer to keep the tattoos and body contour shape that have been developed through years of practice. This enables the wearer to keep the same style, but with more natural and more intense coloring. It is possible to get Black and GREY tattoo in any style and style of tattoo, no matter the type of tattoo. Black and GREY tattoos can be used anyplace you see colour, from watercolor to gold to black. Black and GREY designs are also great options for the female body, the face, the legs, the arms and the back of the neck.”

How to Get Black and GREY tattoo?

You can get Black and GREY tattoo using any style of tattoo! From black and grey to pale and gold and other designs, there is no limit to the designs which can be used in your Black and GREY tattoo. Here, we have provided all the different kinds of Black and GREY tattoo and they can be used anywhere you see colour!

Black and GREY Tattoo Tips

For those of you who want to get black and grey tattoos at home, here are some tips which you absolutely should know.

1. Choose Color

First of all, before you start your tattoo session with any ink or colour, you must remember that the more you use it, the more it develops its special properties. For instance, as we have mentioned earlier, gold is one of the most well-known colours, it does not come easily in the skin and therefore, black and dark grey ink can be very difficult but does not have to be. Gold is also an attractive colour for the skin, so as long as you have a good reason for using it you can definitely get good results with black and dark grey.

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2. Avoid Oil

Oil is not as attractive on the skin than ink. It does not have the same power to develop black and gold tattoos as ink does, so there is no use in oil. It should not be used anywhere in the body as it can make the skin look red after some time. For this reason, we recommend to use the ink as long as you are satisfied with the result.

3. Get a good quality

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