What is black and GREY tattoo? – Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs For Men

White is the colour that the eyes and skull are black. Black and white is colour that is also used to identify black people. For example, in some countries like India the colour black and red are used to identify black people.

Tattoo on the right eye is GREY

Tattoo on the left eye is BLACK

In the case of black and blue people, GREY tattoo is used, which is the colour that the eye and skull are.

Black and blue is the colour which identify black people. GREY tattoo makes a great tattoo for this colour people.

Tattoo on the nose is BLACK

Tattoo on the forehead is GREY

Tattoo on the back of the head is WHITE

Tattoo on the arms is GREY

In other words, blue and black is the colour which identify black people and GREY tattoo makes a great tattoo for this colour people.

Why do these blue and black tattoos show more energy than the white and brown tattoos?

If you compare the picture of a white and a blue tattoo with a black and gold tattoo, the comparison will show that the colour that is used only for white people makes the tattoo more energetic.

In order to be aware of whether the tattoo is better for the colour of your people, have a look at the chart below.

Tattoo comparison Chart

You might be surprised to see that there are a lot of other colours that are used in tattoos. This is because the colour used to identify your colour people is very important.

How to Make the Best Tattoo

If you want to have the best tattoo then try to choose the right colour and make the tattoos that you want.

You have to choose the right color before applying the tattoo. Do not take any of the black or brown ink that is available and do not use the colour that you are used to and do not apply the tattoo because it won’t look good and it might be an accident like the picture below.

If you are a student then you can always ask a friend who knows about tattoos to help you or buy the Tattoo-Making kit from our website.

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