What is a Samoan tattoo called?

A Samoan tattoo is a tattoo that is an image of a Samoan sea creature of mythical significance. The Samoans have many sea creatures to choose from, which can be seen here.

The traditional Samoan tattoo is made up of two layers of white, red, blue and green, with patterns of the animal’s fur in between.

What are some examples of tattoos to represent something special or meaningful?

What do you see when you look at your tattoo?

The most popular and important Samoan tattoo designs are also what is called ‘stitched’.

These are a series of colours printed on the skin, creating a pattern that helps the tattoo grow.

This tattoo is one of the most widely known at the moment and is one of the best representations of the animal on a tattoo.

Samoan Tattoos

Samoan tattoos are made up of two layers of skin colour with a tattoo of the animal’s fur in between. These tattoo designs have been created by tattoo artists in and around Samoa, including those who have migrated to mainland Samoa, such as the Hiva of Matahe. There are also some indigenous Samoan artists in Sydney, Australia, such as Paul and Mary. Samoan Tattoos The original design for a Samoan tattoo is usually made by a local tattoo artist, but there are a few examples of local artists creating original tattoo designs that are usually very traditional.

For example, this is the original design created by an artist in Tongatapu on his tattoo of an iguana.

Tongatapu is an island off the south shore of Tonga in the Indian Ocean.

This tattoo was created by Samoan tattoo artist John Henry, and was created for a company. This is only one of a number of original Samoan tattoos that have been created. Tongatapu is also a known place to tattoo iguanas. Another example is the tattoo of a shark on this artist’s leg.

Another great Samoan tattoo comes from a tattoo artist known only as Samoan, who is also in Sydney, Canada. Samoan has created many designs such as this. The tattoo is on the shoulder of the artist’s right arm. It has tattoos of lions and turtles on it.

Samoan Tattoos in Australia

Samoan tattoo artists throughout Australia are also able to create many interesting and unique tattoos which are perfect for both adults and children.

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