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This is the tattoo that most Samoans will choose for themselves as they look at it and take it in. Usually the tattoo is either a large picture drawn using a marker on the upper body or more often the image to which you would add a tattooed line from the waist to the thigh for a larger profile.

When asked “What is a Samo man doing today” we will usually refer towards the image or image style. Samo is the term used to describe a particular person. Samo is a very special breed of man. Not only are their skin and clothing of a high quality for their size, but their minds are a bit rare compared to their appearance (at least for this size). Their minds are also different from every other man in the world but they are much more caring (compassionate) and compassionate to one another.

Samo men are born and live only to protect both one another and themselves. They are very good at dealing with the stresses of the living.

What is it about Samo that makes them so beautiful? It is that wonderful sense of humour coupled with the desire to be the best of oneself. They do not like anything in the world less than perfect. To them it is enough to be able to live a life filled with meaning of living a meaningful life. They are very good at taking the positive out of everything, they always have a good smile on their face and their eyes sparkle at life (at least for this size). Samo men are also very wise, they know the future and where their destiny lies. Being very intelligent they are well-trained in many ways. They are very intelligent, but not at a level to get bored easily, they are not the type to think about just anything. They find it very difficult to be bored with the same old thing, they are very good at living in the moment and enjoying everything around them. A Samoan man loves his life and loves a family and a career.

So they are the “perfect” man? No, this is not always true. Samoan women are very different and have different traits to them.

A Samoan man knows that one needs to be sensitive not aggressive, because when you have both it could be very disastrous to life. All of that is just an understatement. In a sense, one needs an extreme understanding.
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An average Samoan man is not overly sensitive and he may not like to look at himself in the mirror, but all of

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