What is a glyph symbol?

Glyph symbol is the way the player character displays his/her glyph.

Characters can display the glyphs on their character model in game (player will see a symbol on the character model with the corresponding shape). However, only some glyphs can be used in combat.

Character Model

Glyph model (GEM) is a 3D model used for rendering a particular glyph.
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There are many different types of glyph models, but the most fundamental types are:

Uniform glyphs (use with an example)

Uniform glyphs (use with an example) Triangle

Triangle Triangle

Triangle Cursive

Cursive Basic

Basic Pivot

Pivot Hexagon




Hexagonal Pivot

Pivot Hexagon

Hexagon (Use with an example)

Cursive are often used for combat glyphs. There are several variations of Cursive glyphs depending on the combat situation; some are used only for single hit effects like knockdown, others are used for continuous effects like knockdown, etc.

Each combination of multiple glyphs in a single glyph will display on the glyph model; for example, an orange triangle will display as a red triangle.

Character model:

There are two kinds of character models, player character model and NPC character model. You can only use the player model in combat because game rules does not allow us to use it. However, since the player character model is used for rendering our characters, I decided to use it.

To give you an idea, I also made some simple animations in the form of an animation clip with various glyphs on it. It’s called: “Tutorial: Player Character Animations”.

Character Model:

The character model is just a model file that contains the model that will replace the character model when you use “show character model” command.

For example, you can try this animation clip to try out some basic glyphs.

Character Model:

The first animation clip is simple glyph, like an orange triangle that you can’t use in battle. It’s not a nice animated model, but we have to use it. The second animation clip with basic glyph is what you see after the tutorial animation. This clip features a triangle, an orange triangle and four hexagons.

These are a