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A glyph symbol is the symbol for a group of letters or symbols. Symbols can take on many forms, but all together they stand for something. Often they can be used to say something, but sometimes they take on an entirely different meaning, or they are completely random.

Why use glyph symbols?

Sometimes characters in games are too random to represent. It’s helpful to have a symbol for them. That way when you see a text file with characters that you don’t recognize, you know for sure that it must refer to another type of character rather than something you didn’t recognize!

Why don’t I use a glyph?

Glyphs are not like most programming symbols. Unlike symbols, they will not simply add a character to the file. You have to explicitly write out all of the needed characters, as well as the rest of the symbols for any other characters. A single character might be represented by several symbols, so you will need to write them out together. If you use glyphs, you will likely end up writing out dozens of them!

The only reason you’d choose a glyph is if you are writing a program that needs to represent multiple character sets. But even this case is not recommended because the additional code would add quite a bit to your code. If you want to create programs that manipulate any large Unicode array for you, you’ll want to use Unicode itself, which is far more complicated. Not being able to handle Unicode would mean that the programs will be slower (due mostly to using the Unicode character data to hold up the glyph symbols), while the characters you can manipulate with glyphs would be much simpler (since they will not need to be written out).

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Glyph Symbols for Common Languages

Glyph Symbols Commonly Used for Common Languages Fonts of Common Common Languages ASCII Basic Latin-1 ASCII Basic Russian Basic Japanese Basic Chinese *-ASCII characters *-Chinese characters *-Chinese symbols *-Chinese character names *-English *-English character names *-French *-French character names *-Italian *-Italian character names *-Greek *-Greek character names *-Japanese *-JavaScript character names *-Korean *-Korean characters *-Polish *-Python characters *-Czech *-Chinese character names *-Arabic *-Turkish *-Arabic characters *-Midi characters *-Greek characters *-Dutch *-Dutch character names *-Norwegian *-Nor

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