What foods does the Bible say not to eat?

What does the Bible say to feed a hungry kid?
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What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

This is the one question that will decide everything in Dota 2. The answer is very straightforward. The answer is that it is either a 4th, a 5th or a 6th (or a mix between the two of course). However, the most obvious way of finding out that the answer is always a 4th/5th or a 6th is by comparing the total points of those teams. There are multiple ways to do so, but one easy, and one easy to calculate, way is to compare how well the teams do when they tie (or tie in a game, to be exact) against every other team in their group. I will attempt my best to be as objective as I can here, but feel free to point out what I am missing or to comment on anything. First of all, as a reminder, I did NOT calculate the stats for the Dota community this morning. This was all done through our own website and, unfortunately, some of the data is outdated. Therefore, if you want me to, I will try my best to re-calculate the stats that are still available. So please be patient if this is the first time you come across the table. Secondly, we are using a single metric that only counts how many team members in that team (or the entire team) are alive against the final score. Hence, if a game ends in a tie in the last 15 seconds, it doesn’t count. Also, we are only counting games won vs teams with a single member (including the 2nd place finisher in their group) alive. This is all I have, and this is how I calculated the team point totals above.

The table for the top teams in terms of team points

Team SoloMid 1st Team DK 2nd Secret 3rd LGD 1st Invictus Gaming 2nd DK 2nd CDEC 1st LGD

In the first team, you can see that all top teams in Europe were pretty close to each other. There were one or two teams that had extremely impressive finishes in some tournaments (G2, Secret and CDEC respectively). As for the second place finishers, you can see that they were close to their previous places due to CDEC’s incredible performances at TI4. This is in contrast to the bottom team Secret, who is still very much at the bottom of Europe. LGD and