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Here’s a brief list. The following list includes things found in Genesis; however, the Bible was not written down for us to learn today — it was written over millions of years ago. And, so some of the foods on the list may not be what we are thinking of now. It is important that God’s Word is not limited to what the Bible says, but that it is expanded in a deeper meaning to be more relevant to us today! It is also important that we realize that there is a difference between a natural law and a written law. We are called to live by both, but we will have much more benefit from God’s inspired and inspired Scriptures. What Are God’s Laws? If God is real then He must have a written law to apply to His creation. To be sure, the Bible does not describe all of the kinds of things God does for His creation. He can’t say “This thing or that thing is permitted or forbidden,” or “You have a right to what you are doing,” or “Your right to what you are doing means something to me.” He doesn’t describe the manner in which we have been instructed to act, and He don’t tell us what our “responsibilities” are. However, there are some important things we should have as a result of His written law to be in relationship to God. We should: Be careful of the flesh: While God doesn’t want us to go to sin, a healthy, clean body has many benefits for us. We need an unblemished body because of our Creator. To be healthy we need a nutritious diet. When we go for health or weight loss this is important. The Bible tells us to avoid fleshly foods like pork, and that is the only type of meat that God approves of eating. The first commandment is to be clean from the flesh of the beast. When we eat flesh, we are eating flesh. So, the first commandment to us is to avoid all fleshly foods. Not only does this commandment not allow pork, the second commandment gives other important things like poultry, fish, eggs, meat, and milk. God requires of we be clean, especially our blood. The Scripture tells us to avoid blood that comes from the sacrifice, and especially from the blood of the new moon. God’s Commandment To Be Clean, Part 1 (from Genesis 17-18) Be careful of the flesh; and do not let the sight or smell of it make you unclean, because the sight or smell of
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