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If you’re the kind of eater who loves a delicious bite, then you are well aware of the potential dangers of eating too much. As well as the high risk of choking on choking-inducing foods (like meat), we also know that eating too much may cause you to over-exert your stomach and gut, therefore decreasing the chances of achieving optimal digestive results. And if you think swallowing isn’t your thing – then it’s not for you either!

Sucken into The Best Burger Ever!

What Does the Cauliflower Tattoo Mean?

Cauliflower is another great ingredient to include when cooking out, especially if you’re looking to build your personal flavour profile. It’s a type of green and comes from the cauliflower, a vegetable usually believed to be too ‘starchy’ for the taste buds of most humans, and it’s a perfect candidate for the ‘filler’ foods that we often consume during meals. And you know what? You can definitely incorporate it into your menu:

Cauliflower Taco Soup

Here’s a recipe that uses it!

This soup was so good that it was literally like a burrito for me!

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The last time the U.S. faced an economic crisis of this magnitude — in the 1950s — a lot of people lost their jobs. Since then, the economy has grown, and unemployment rates have fallen, yet the public doesn’t seem to mind the state of the economy. But in that time there was so much talk about whether or not the unemployment rate was too high and about who was to blame for it.

The simple answer: it was too high. The simple answer is that unemployment rates were higher in those days. And as a result, the unemployment rate was low.
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Economists like to talk about unemployment rates, because it lets people know just how low they are. And it’s true, even though today economists are only talking about it in a general sense — in fact, they sometimes try to put unemployment rates into more specific categories.

But to understand how to assess how low unemployment rates are in the modern economy, you need to look more closely at what the unemployment rate looked like before the recession. If you look at the historical record, which stretches back to before 1940, the unemployment rate has been at or under 7% over a wide swath of time. In fact, it’s now well below the current 9.1

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