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Malu, meaning “darkness”.

Bibliography: The Encyclopedia of Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to the History, Culture and Geography of the Islamic World , by Peter M. Eppig, p. 474, 476.

Malu is associated with the term “Malchikh,” meaning “Darkness.” It refers to a Muslim who is ignorant for a number of reasons.

In a previous article on this subject, I used the following examples from my research, as a basis for explaining the meaning, and using examples from the Quran, and the hadith to explain the meaning:

Anas Bin Malik

In 624 A.D., one of the most renowned Sunni mystics of the time, Anas Bin Malik, described the Quran to a Persian scholar, who read it aloud to him, claiming that the Quran did not contain the true Islam (Makruh).

“After a little while, the scholar remarked to him from behind the curtain: Is your tongue [which talks] from your mouth, or from the earth [like the other man’s?]” (Sahih Muslim, Al-Iqaadah Vol. I, Book 013, Hadith 1761).

“And in fact [the Messenger of Allah] said to one of us from behind a curtain, may Allah bless him and give him peace, who spoke a word, that there is no deity but Allah, nor is there any god except Him.” (Sahih Muslim, Al-Iqaadah, Vol. I, Book 011, Hadith 2172).

compass-tattoo-designs-500x750.jpg (500×750) discovered by Gadi
Sahih Muslim, Kitab Al-Wafiz (The Book of Wisdom) Chapter 18, Book 014, Hadith 467, Volume 18 and Hadith 468, Volume 18, Hadith 468.

Ibn Kathir in his Sahih commentary on Sahih Muslim said: “O Messenger of Allah; O prophet of Allah, I heard you with our Lord at the house of my Father in Paradise saying: Do you think it to be me that I am to speak in the presence of our Lord, nor in the presence of anyone else, if I am to speak in the presence of anyone else? Thereupon Allah revealed: ‘And I shall not guide except through the pen [i.e. the words of the Imams].’ (1-3, Verse 16).

“O Prophet of Allah; O the one who tells the truth

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