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Malu, the name of the first human to live on Venus, is a term used for male genitalia, a name also used in English for human breasts, but more appropriately referred to as women’s breasts.

This is the definition of “manipulating breasts” given by Professor Chris Bonta in his blog.

You can read more about the history of the term in this excellent post by the BBC which discusses various ideas about the role of breasts.

To understand why the Malu term, and the meaning behind the word malu and mala in the context it is typically in, means “male” and not “woman”, we need to take a look at the male form of the word malu.

What is the male form of malu?

A male malu is a man’s penis. The vulva, or labia, is the part of a woman’s body which produces menstruation and menstrual blood.

To understand the meaning behind the malu, we need to have a look at the male and female form of the word manu:

A manu is the language that a girl uses to talk to a boy in order to communicate with him about her wishes and thoughts and feelings.

So to sum up, male refers to the human genitalia, while female refers to the female genitalia. A male malu is a man’s penis.

When did the term malu first appear?

It appears in the 16th Century, and it refers to a man’s penis. There was no equivalent word for either of the male and female forms by the 16th Century, so the men’s name for their penis was malu, an old French name created for genitals by the 19th Century anatomist Jean-Martin Charcot.

In 1749 another French anatomist, Guillaume Laplace suggested using the term mala, for the female genitals, to refer to the same thing:

If in his intercourse a man should give himself pain, he should call it the pain of the female genital organ. It is the same for the male and the female. The female genital organs should excite and excite by their proper motions. As far as that goes, the vagina and vulva excite by movement of the member; they excite by a change in shape, they excite by a contraction; they excite by a discharge; and then comes the discharge. [5]

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