What does the Lotus mean in Buddhism?

The Lotus is a spiritual concept, a doctrine. A doctrine is a set of principles, beliefs and ideas that explain and help to clarify all other things.

What is Karma?

Karma means relationship. Karma is a relationship of two or more people, where one relationship results in the death of one person and another result of the happiness of another person and so on.

What does the Bhavana mean?

The Bhavana is a meditation technique. The Bhavana is a technique of mental and physical purification.

What is the Buddha? The Buddha was a great being, a Buddha that had attained enlightenment through the great dharma, which was passed down from the Buddha through his disciples.

Who is the Buddha?

The Buddha was not an ordinary person but a Bodhisattva

How does the Buddha come?

The Buddha was created.

Why are the Buddha’s teachings always repeated?

This explanation of the Buddha’s teachings is a form of “The Power of the Buddha” that explains and explains in a clear way how the Buddha came to come.

What is the Buddha’s nature? The Buddha’s nature is a complete, perfect mind of purity and perfection.

Is the Buddha immortal? The Buddha is eternal – and always will be.

Do not ask questions that are not in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha – this is the most important principle.

What is bodhi?

Bodhi is a feeling of bliss. Bodhi is the pure spirit of the Buddha.

What is emptiness?

Eternity is pure. In other words, there is no beginning to the endless eternalness. This is to say that endlessness is not the emptiness but the infinite.

Is existence infinite?

Eternity is infinite – as the infinite is infinite nothing is infinite and so it is impossible for anything to be an infinite number of existences.

How is life eternal?

One is reborn into a new body every new day – as is the case with the one life.

Where is consciousness?

Consciousness is a mental phenomenon.

Can this mental phenomena exist apart from consciousness?

There is no separation between mind and matter. When mind exists as a separate entity, this separate entity could have a different nature from other entities. The separate entity is not separate from anything.

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