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The Lotus contains the words and teachings of Buddha. The Lotus stands for the three characteristics of a Buddha: (1) truth (of Dharma), (2) emptiness (of suffering), and (3) compassion (of the Dharma). Each of these characteristics is characterized by a particular meaning. These three characteristics are the three elements, or factors, of the universal nature of all things: (1) the three qualities of things, which comprise (2) the three aspects of emptiness, which includes (3) the three elements: (1) the three elements — earth, water, and fire — of the two natures of things, (2) the three characteristics — virtue, compassion, and wisdom — of the one nature, (3) the three elements — space, time, and self — of the three states of mind or conditions, and (4) the two aspects of emptiness, which includes the six elements (three of earth, three of water, and one of fire) and the four elements (land, water, and sky). The words of the Lotus serve two purposes: (1) to communicate the dharma to others; (2) to clarify the dharma without any interpretation or commentary. The Lotus is like a clear mirror, but its reflection reflects more than just the four elements; the words of the Lotus give each of those elements a definite meaning and provide a comprehensive summary of the four elements.

This definition of “Luna,” which means “the truth” or “the truth as it is,” is the basis for the Lotus teaching, which is presented as true and without interpretation. Its teachings are not given any explanation as to why they are correct or incorrect, but they are given as a clear and complete description of the nature of things.

The words of the Lotus are used in different contexts in different schools to give the same message. Some teachers use the Lotus to communicate a message from the Buddha to others; some use the Lotus as a tool or a tool in a way that is not related to what is taught; some have the words of the Lotus used as examples in their own teaching — for example, to teach compassion. All uses of the Lotus reflect the Buddha’s teachings and have been recorded in the Buddha’s Pali Canon, the scriptures that are the basis for all Buddhism.

Why is the Lotus used so frequently?

The Lotus has become the center of worship in many traditions. In Buddhism, the Lotus can be used in many ways — for devotion or

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