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About “Black Skinhead” (Unreviewed)

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In this song, Kendrick explores what it takes to be black as an outsider. The title is a reference to Malcolm X’s “Black Skinhead,” which came out in 1961 and has been the most famous statement on race since. Kendrick uses this line to show that the struggle to be treated equally and have your own voice is a journey he’s making.

The story of Kendrick taking the song to the next level, with the use of a few additional verses, is detailed in “Alright.”

This article was originally published in the October 2013 issue of the L.A. Confidential.

The most recent batch of federal court cases will be heard on Oct. 29 and 30, 2013. The public is invited to attend the trial, scheduled to occur just before 6 p.m. The case was initially tried in May 2012 and will now play out in front of all the eyes. The trial is expected to take three to six months, and the proceedings are expected to be broadcast live to the public.

The case of “Nashvili v. U.S.,” filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SC), is the latest round of the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ), which has used its unilateral civil rights enforcement power to challenge school segregation in schools, workplaces, and public accommodations. The DOJ case against New York City’s public school system, known as New York City Unified School District (NYCUSD), revolves around the decision by the District’s board of education to allow a new English as a Second Language (ESL) charter school to be established in East New York, a majority Black neighborhood north of Manhattan. The Obama administration launched the case against the NYUSD in February 2009 with the goal of ending the district’s “segregation and disparity” by forcing it to give up its “separate but equal” status.

New York City has received millions of taxpayer dollars from the Obama administration for its failed social-welfare programs, and the DOE will now be using this “taxpayer money” to enforce the unconstitutional school “segregation” provisions of its civil rights law. NYUSD has now agreed to comply with the court order that allows it to remove the students from the district based on their race. In return, the NYUSD has agreed to spend $2 million funding an after-school program called New York City Schools for a Year of Reintegrative Learning– or ”

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