What does new school tattoo mean? – Phoenix Tattoo Designs Male Forearm

You’ll need to pay for your tattoo by your high school graduation date. If you do not attend school by the date the tattoo is set up, the tattoo fee will still be applied.

Do I need to have a student ID to get the tattoo? Yes, unless you have a waiver from your high school, you must have a photo ID with you when you show up to the tattoo parlor during the tattoo installation.

When is my tattoo up? When you receive it, you’ll be given the appointment time. But if you miss it, no worries, your tattoo is going to be done and you can pick it up at any time.

What should I bring with me to getting my tattooed? You will not be allowed to bring pictures or film or anything else that could be construed as obscene (in any form) as long as it’s legal.

Are there any tattoos? Yes, there are at least ten tattoos to choose from that are free to get. Please let them know whether you will be getting a tattoo or not. They’ll be able to tell you if any are really a possibility or not.

Do I need to get a special tattoo license to get my tattoo done at a tattoo parlor? A student tattoo license is not required to get your tattoo at a tattoo parlor. But the owner may be able to get one for you if they feel it is necessary. For more in-depth information on how tattoo licenses are determined, please read our post here.

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