What does new school tattoo mean?

Tattoos on school children generally denote an identity or status within the child’s school which is connected to their physical appearance or achievement.
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However, there are several other forms of school tattoo which may also indicate a connection to their school’s identity or identity of their school and a potential for school or identity issues.

Children will receive school tattoos as a mark of honour by other students in their classes. Children may also get tattooed as a mark of honour by faculty members in the classroom, and as a mark of accomplishment by parents and staff at the school.

In some cases, children may get school tattoos at the same time or as their parents choose, depending on their personal lifestyle (see chart below).

In a few cases, adult children will receive school tattoos as part of the adult child’s identity or status.

Types of School Tattoo

Some school tattoos represent a specific position in the student’s life or a unique achievement or achievement, whereas others are for more general recognition within the school community.

This chart will give an overview of some common types of school tattoo:

Tattoos on children

Tattoos are usually placed on their forehead as a mark of recognition in the eyes of other students (or staff, depending on the location).

Some children are marked with a specific name or identity/title.

Tattoos on individuals

Some individuals may have certain school or student tattoos. However, many tattooing locations are shared by students in the family.

These tattooing locations were chosen to give school or student tattoos a place in the community. This might explain why some students have multiple tattoos on the same location, some having multiple locations on their forearm.

Examples of these tattoos are:

A cross with a message identifying the student, family member or area to which the tattoo applies

Tattooing of a heart

A heart or cross with an emotional message

Heart Tattoo

Tattooing on the heart denotes pride, passion, or confidence

Heart Tattoo Location Heart Tattoo Location Heart


Tattooes have two parts: the middle part of the tattoo and a thin layer that covers the entire body.

The middle of tattoo is placed so that the person has more skin on their chest and torso.

The middle part can also be placed in an upright position, to make a more prominent impression.

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