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Traditional tattoos often look more similar to traditional religious tattoos than they do anything with the same meaning as the original tattoos. They’re also typically more complicated.

Are there tattoos that look like traditional tattoos but are not?

There are some traditional tattoos. Some tattoos of the human body have a history and meaning of their own. Some tattoos are more or less related to spirituality, which is why they may have pagan roots or incorporate parts of the old Indian religions. But a tattoo usually has a different meaning to those people who make it.

Are there tattoos with the original meanings of the tattoo (eg. a cross) that aren’t traditional tattoos?

No. It’s possible to get tattoos without a particular design, just as it’s possible to get a picture without the words “happy birthday” without a picture of Santa Claus. The people who make such tattoos don’t necessarily hold beliefs that are the same as those tattoo designers have.

How do I know who is right in my own mind if someone says “this is a traditionally tattooed man”?

If you’re really sure about your own thoughts about the subject, you can ask a good tattoo artist. But you can also look at the tattoo itself. Does it have some sort of meaning, or not? In some cases, you can figure it out by looking at the tattoo artists tattoo. And if that’s not an option, then that person probably isn’t a tattoo artist.

Is that person ever going to be honest about how a tattoo was made?

Sure. In fact, you’re not allowed to be honest about any tattoo because the tattoo artist might not feel safe doing the tattoo if they know that you’re too angry and upset and want it removed right then and there (as many tattoo artists have to learn). But if they have tattoos that have meanings, you can ask the artist about it.

Why do many tattoo artists avoid doing traditional and religious tattoos? What are they hiding with their “art”? Does this put them at risk of being sued if they’re sued?

There’s more to it than just not performing them. Traditional tattooing means a lot more to these tattoo artists than just making the tattoo and the art, and a lack of religious or spiritual meaning is a big factor.

What kind of people tattoo people for religious or spiritual reasons? Is tattooing on the human body an acceptable practice of religious belief?

Well, that’s another thing to look at when asking,

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