What are the tattoo styles? – Tattoo Designs For Women To Cover Scars

There are about two dozen styles of tattoos on the market. They vary from person to person and can include everything from tattoos of flowers to tattoos with animals. In the past, the main brands of tattoos that were used in tattoos were, however, “Garden” to be more specific. There are a multitude of other brands of tattoo styles that are used in tattooing. Some of the most popular and common brands of tattoos are:


This traditional brand of tattoos was pioneered by an artist named Terence Gardner. Terence Gardner started this brand because he felt that no one was doing a good job of putting flowers or animals where other tattoo artists might use it. He went on to work with other large brands like Zebedee, Trico T-shirt, and Hickey. This particular brand was one of the first (and only) large-scale tattoos to use gold ink and “Garden” is one of the most popular and recognizable tattoos in the nation. It has grown to a huge tattoo scene in Texas, and is very popular throughout South Florida as well.


This style of tattoo that was pioneered at the same time is the “Crescent” style, also called the “Prayer.” This tattoo style was created by a man named Henry S. Parker. The “Prayer” style was created in 1920 by Parker who made it with a large, black and white striped cross. The “Crescent” also uses a cross and the word “Prayer” underneath all the letters. The “Crescent” style is one of the earliest, and can be traced back to the 1700’s.

A variety of animal markings or tattoos are also considered part of the “Crescent” design. These include, but are not limited to:

Tattoos with horses

Tattoos with animals

Tattoos with animals or other animals

Other design tattoos



“I will tattoo you until there is nothing left for you to take.” This motto is found on nearly all tattoos and most of these lines and symbols have roots in the past. For example, there are numerous designs in the “Indian” area of Texas. Some of these designs are, however, based on religious practices that were popular during that era.

“I am your enemy, I love revenge.” This line is often used to symbolize that a person is going to take

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