What are the major sins in Islam? – Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Designs

I have been told that Islam is a religion based on the following three pillars:

“And We have created you as an animal for sustenance and a guardian for mankind; for you are human beings whose spirit has gone forth.” Quran 5:4 The First Pillar is that of being “worthy of worship” with the following characteristics:

Being a creature of the Lord of the Worlds

Being created to worship the Lord of the Worlds

Being good and righteous

The First Pillar does not exclude any other pillar or type of religious belief.

The Second Pillar is the following:

“Indeed, Our creation (of Mankind) is very great and there is nothing (that is) greater than the creature they have made out of clay. Thus, We have created the humans with a mind as a test for them (to test them). Say, ‘What is the purpose of this life?’ Say: “So whatever is in it is a test and a hardship. And whatever is in it is a trial.’ Verily, it is a test and a penalty.” Quran 9:4

As mentioned above, the Second Pillar only excludes the First. Hence, all human beings are created as animals to be used for food and other purposes. This means that the Prophet made all of mankind on the basis of this Pillar. Hence, the most fundamental aspect of Islam is the following:

Islam does not claim or assume that all those people (who claim that Islam entails only the First Pillar but have not accepted the Second pillar) are sinners. Islam assumes that some of these persons may be righteous Muslims and may not follow the command of God. We pray that Allah would forgive the mistakes and failings of some of these persons. Allah Most High forgives all sins.

We also pray that Allah will relieve our own heart-ache and heartaches. And Allah knows best.

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