What are meaningful tattoo ideas?

It’s all about creating something interesting and meaningful for the client. What’s meaningful to you, but also what your clients are going through? Tattoos make a statement that can be meaningful to a lot of people. But in terms of what you are doing in the tattoo space, it’s about creating something unique, or that people are going to be saying ‘Wow! Look at that artist!’ or ‘That’s cool. I could use one of those too!’

What is the most important aspect of a tattoo?

There are so many things that you can do with a tattoo… But the big thing we look for in a tattoo is an eye line and something unique. If it’s going to be a body part you get a lot of different people are going to want a piece of body art, but the eye line makes the most sense for someone looking to say ‘I like what I see here.’ or ‘This is my tattoo!’

Some examples of eye-line or line designs and tattoo ideas are:

Finger tattoos

Hollow spaces

Shoulder tattoos

Lip tattoos


Dirty-looking people

Cock tattoos

Other tattoo ideas include:




Tattoo names

Tattoo artists
animal collage side of body by Vanessa Rodriguez: TattooNOW :

It’s never been easier to get a tattoo. So how do you start?

There are lots of options for getting a tattoo. There are many different options (like how I did my tattoo) for a tattoo, but the one thing that’s universal is ‘I like what I see in the mirror.’ And so, when you sit down drawing an ink job, you just focus on the ink and what you like.

When do you usually start a tattoo process?

Well, as I said I usually start with an appointment with a tattoo artist that first takes a look at what you like and how you would like it done. If there’s a particular color and it just makes you want to paint your face, or it just makes you look ridiculous in high school, then it’s probably a no-go. But if something gives you that unique look or if you would just like to do something different, I might do that first.

How long do you usually like to keep the job?

I like to keep everything fresh and new and I’d say a couple days. But like I said, that