What are meaningful tattoo ideas?

I think if you look at tattoos now, it’s something people are going to go for, and it’s really something that shouldn’t have gone out of fashion. For me personally and my friends, it’s about how you express who you want to become. I love how a lot of the tattoos on my skin are inspired by things that have made me who I am, or that I want to become. But also I want to show a bit more about the people who are looking to paint, and what they’re looking to paint. I want people to get it out there. I’m constantly trying to do as much as I can and see where it comes from!

What are the last tattoo ideas for you?

I definitely want a new one at some point! I think my first tattoo would have been the one to do with a fish, but I would probably do a more detailed piece. I’d like to get a couple different colors done at some point. I have a few really specific designs that are always on my mind, I think they’re perfect for tattoos of that kind of nature. When I go on eBay I want to see what people are purchasing, and what they like to get. The ones I want to get are ones that I want to see others go for, just in case. I will try my hardest to get them!

Anything else you’d like to add?

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8 channels x 2-pin and 8 channels x 4-pin +12V and +5V rails

6-Month warranty on connectors