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HBO The Real Housewives of Orange County star Teresa Giudice is in the midst of legal proceedings over an alleged wrongful death suit filed by a friend and former girlfriend of her late husband, Joe Giudice, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

The lawsuit, filed in February 2014, alleges that Joe Giudice shot his wife, Teresa “Gia” Giudice, a former model, and a bystander in the head and back, leaving her to die from multiple gunshot wounds. He reportedly called 911 on the day of the shooting and was then arrested after he refused to get medical attention for his wife. Teresa died soon after police arrived.

The legal documents obtained by TMZ include documents from the Giudice family and family friend Christopher Fialko, according to the website. “The Plaintiff, Christopher Fialko (the victim’s son), was stabbed in the left temple with a knife approximately 40 times, and suffered extensive injuries to his right eye, head, spine, neck, and limbs, resulting in the loss of his right eye,” the document states. “In addition, the Plaintiff, Christopher, lost all sensation in his left side of his body and had to continue to rely upon his right side for pain control.”

Fialko filed the lawsuit in May 2014, but did not receive any legal fees, according to the suit. The Giudices were last seen alive near Lake Success early on the morning of the shooting in July 2013.

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According to the lawsuit, when Giudice arrived at Sunrise Hospital in Orlando shortly after 3:30 a.m., he was told to “go to a party.” When he arrived at the hospital, police “reported to [he] that one of Teresa [Giudice’s] best friends, Nicole [Diamanti],” was “wearing a mask and hiding [Giudice’s] face.”

The document does not mention why Diamanti, who was also allegedly a friend of Teresa Giudice’s husband and the couple’s future third child, refused medical attention. However, the lawsuit alleges that he called 911 and was then arrested on charges of obstruct