Is it a sin to eat pork?

We don’t eat pork ourselves. We have to look after other people. We have to protect them.”

Khawla’s views about homosexuality vary according to circumstances in his country.

In the last year, he has come out as gay in public. He has also written a book about his own sexuality.

And despite his openness about his experience, his own family doesn’t approve.

His father told the Star: “It is not fair to judge his (LGBTI) life just because he had a problem. I don’t know the details. He has to deal with his family. My son does love his family. I love my son too.

“I know my son was a young man when the scandal first broke and there was a long period of secrecy which didn’t allow me to be supportive of my son.

“I wish he was better and had done a better job. I am glad to hear that he is being supported.”

Khawla is just one example of a growing number of Jamaicans speaking with their public about their own personal experiences, but also of that of gay, bisexual and transgender Jamaicans.

And just this week, the country witnessed the passing of a law by Labour MP Jamal Mirza, called the Equality Act 2014.

The act would extend criminal penalties to include sexual orientation-based violence and discrimination against LGBTI people.

Some say it would be easy to see these crimes as just a case of ‘homophobia’, however that could be a dangerous misapprehension.

One man who has been working to tackle homophobia in Jamaica expressed frustration recently.

Dr. Chris Carter, who is a Professor of Sociology at the University of the West Indies, commented: “Homosexuality and HIV are important indicators of the level of societal acceptance for same-sex sexual behaviour. It is quite a challenge to deal with homophobia in Jamaica because it is so easily misunderstood.”

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