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I don’t think so.”

But why do people not go to the same church? Why do people not go to the same Baptist church or the church of the same denomination? Why does one person have such a huge influence on these people?

It all comes back to the people. There is no way around this. We have to give people reasons to be happy. When people see reasons that show you just why they should be happy, they will move toward doing what they should be doing — eating, enjoying life, praying, doing things they care about. Some people just don’t feel like giving their lives over to God and to Him is worth dying for, for God’s sake. So we just have to give them reasons to be happy that show the good things there.

The people you’re talking to may not even be able to articulate why they should be happy. It’s not that they don’t know, or it’s not going to be right for them. It’s just that they’re not willing to give it.

I think the reason that I’ve seen a lot of people become Christians is that they’ve given their lives over to people who were not Christian. We have to help our Christians find reasons, or they’ll just give up.

What’s a typical conversation among Mormons?

When I was young, I would go door to door and talk to people about the Bible. People would say, “I just know that Paul was right” or I’d say, “I’m the only Christian left on earth,” and the next day I’d be back in the office and I’d see that there had been people from several places who said, “When you’ve told me I shouldn’t give up my life, then why in the world are you preaching this Gospel to me?”

I would say, “Look, I have a testimony of Paul and I don’t want people to forget what I’m saying. You can find me in the pulpit.”

But people really get tired of seeing things and hearing people say those things that do not make them the best kind of Latter-day Saint. Then, there is another group of folks who just take it to a whole new level because of what they see or hear. You know, I had a conversation with a guy a few weeks ago who said he had been preaching to people in the street and they’d say, “Hey, my friend is an atheist. Can you believe in God?” and he said,

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