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Design a tattoo, I do. I am so obsessed with it, for sure. I am a tattooist by trade and have been tattooing for a long time, and I try to always keep up with the latest trends, so it’s an exciting and rewarding job. I just don’t design tattoos on the side. I use a tattoo artist and a tattoo shop owner, and I will use all the talents I have to develop something that looks stunning and fresh. So I am very focused and do all the drawing myself. They are very artistic people and have a sense of what I like on my client’s bodies.

There are so many ways you make a tattoo, what was the most important for you to design the Tangerine Tattoos piece?

Probably the fact that they will last a long time. As a design, I always think, “What keeps them coming back?” In the U.S. in particular, there are very high standards at that level. There just aren’t really people who work in the tattoo world who are interested in doing tattoo on the side, or you know, like people who can do something special with a tattoo. Some people want to stay in the tattoo business, and others are very focused on the designs in their own tattoo shops. It was so important for me to show, that they are still here, and that people are still interested, and people are still doing what they love, and that I am going to do everything I can to put them back on the map.

So what happens when I have enough time? That’s a good question…

I’m pretty much doing my thing the same way I always do. I don’t design any more, because to me, that’s all I am. Designing a tattoo—it’s really easy, and I’m a really good artist! I’m a professional artist and I do every single thing that can be done in those two hours I would be at my desk doing design. When it’s time for the day, the tattoo artist can come along and do their thing. I am pretty lucky to be working with such great tattoo artists, and I will always appreciate that and have a lot of respect for them. I have been doing tattoo for a long time and I still have a lot of fun, but as long as I don’t take it too far, I can be happy.

You’re currently focusing on the Tangerine Tattoos series. What can you tell me about what

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