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There might be a reason to do a tattoo if you find that tattoo artists are over-charging you on their fees.
First, check if you want to pay for your artwork before you go ahead with the tattoo. Some tattoo artists only offer 30-45% for a one-time investment.
A good tattoo price can take much longer than 5 minutes, so try to plan ahead.
A lot of people think that a tattoo is a way to make money off of other people’s work; but, it’s more than that. With tattoos, it’s a way to get someone to pay attention to you that you wouldn’t otherwise.

AUSTIN — Attorney General Ken Paxton called a special session of the Texas Legislature Tuesday to try to pass a series of bills that would legalize medical marijuana use in Texas and reduce criminal penalties for the possession of up to an ounce of the drug.

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Paxton and the Legislature met in joint session in Austin for only the second time in nearly a year because they had to pass their budget before then, and Paxton had already set aside a few hours to talk about his legislation. Paxton said that while the bill to legalize medical marijuana may appear to have no clear majority among lawmakers, the fact that only one Republican co-sponsored it is not a reflection of the rest of the party.

“We’re going to get a lot of support from the Republican caucus and from some Democrats,” Paxton said. “It’s a coalition where there is room for some folks to have some disagreement.”

Paxton introduced the bill to permit adults 21 and older to purchase medical marijuana for use only if they qualify for an exemption. Under the bill, physicians who certify marijuana users to be able to obtain the drug would not risk prosecution.

While the bills may appear to have little chance of passage in the Legislature, proponents argue that they could save taxpayers huge amounts of money.

Under the bills, a single possession of an ounce of marijuana would not be a crime unless the drug was possessed by the user in an illegal setting.

The state currently carries a $100 criminal fine for possession of the drug under the state’s Medical Marijuana Act of 1996, but the bills would reduce that penalty to a ticket.

Another bill proposed Tuesday would repeal an exception to Texas’ medical device registration regulations that allows people to seek reimbursement through their Medicaid for the costs incurred in acquiring medical marijuana products.

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