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If you need to be tattooed that won’t work with the new design. All your tattoo will be blacked out on the sides and the color doesn’t stick to it so you can’t see any of it unless you remove it. If you take it off and start over it can be reattached again, just take a new coat of ink from a different manufacturer. You might as well wear the new black skin and let it hang about. All that you have to do is to take a new tattoo out. You can’t have your tattoo removed.

How many colors do you offer? Just a few are offered. These colors are permanent – your own unique color – not random.

Is there a limit on what can be included in an Order? Yes, there is a limit. The number of colors allowed is about 5 in all. The most basic ones are black or black & blue. We do offer other colors such as pink & turquoise, but they are generally not available in any quantity. In order to use them we either have to print that on the order you put in, or we need an excuse on your part to tell us to take those colors off the orders. This can be a problem if you forget to take those colors off, but it isn’t a problem if we don’t know what the colors are or where they are on your body.

Kids name tattoo. 😊 love my tattoo! One for my son and one ...
Can I change a color after it is printed? No. You can’t have a custom color for your tattoo since they just print the exact color it is supposed to be, even with different letters. The ink that was printed is all that counts on your body. If you change colors you have to print the new stuff on the order. This is not an easy or very cheap process.

Will my body ink look good on you? Yes you could say this. You will receive an ink that is different from the standard color on your body, and you will have to accept that and it is ok to try things to get the desired color. But this is very rare, and you are not going to get a tattoo that looks good that can be compared with the tattoo they were going to have if you go out and buy a body color. Most times the body color they are going to have is one of the colors of your choice.

I get something from my local tattoo shop that is an awesome, one of a kind, permanent tattoo. Now we’re paying $200 for a one of a kind tattoo. It

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