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We find one of the largest sources of confusion in this topic is the Bible’s use of the word kahun (pronounced kuh-kuh), which means “to swear.” It is the word God refers to when he speaks in the Bible when he says:

If God were your God, you would do only what is good. But you do not do this. Why not?

Why do not you do so and not make the other one a liar to go unpunished?

Because he is my beloved son; I did not bring him into the land to do judgment upon him. [Deut. 31:7–8.]

The following verse says that God will judge all the land for sin. He is not going to judge people who have not committed sin by the standard of the Old Law but who sin against God by doing things he approves of—even though they do the things that offend God. It is a judgment against the wicked. Therefore, he does not punish those who do something right and deserve punishment but only those who have sinned by doing things that the God approves of.

To this point, it must be understood that God uses the word kahun not only when he is saying to do something he approves of; it also means that he is going to judge people. If someone does something that God approves of and is called righteous, God judges him to the extent of their deeds and not of their words.

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Why was the Old Testament command to be kind, holy, merciful, and to refrain from fighting so harsh in the New Testament?

The difference is that in the Old Testament the commands were very mild—the kind words of Jesus, the loving kindness of God toward his enemies, and the forbearance of God toward those who are just and good.

In the New Testament the commands against killing, committing adultery, fornication, and stealing were very harsh and the only commands were to love and obey each other—words that God condemns in the most heinous of the Old Testaments to the level of the deepest hell.

Why the word “torture” is in the New Testament and not the Old Testament?

The answer is twofold: First, it is not God’s name. The word “torture” means a physical or emotional torment. It is something someone is put through to get what someone wants, whether in the physical, moral, or emotional level. “Tort

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