Do realistic tattoos age well?

Yes, tattoos can be aged and this can make them more attractive and more suitable for different ages.

It is hard to know the exact age of a tattoo because it depends on the tattoo itself and the tattoo process. However it is important to get new or changed tattoo every few months or whenever needed as your tattoo may become damaged in old age or due to changes.

Some of the top rated tattoos can have their age assessed and this can enable you to determine the best age for your tattooing. If you are about to get new or changed tattoo, you can send a tattoo artist to assess and give you the best age so you can choose the best for your tattoo, making your tattoo and all its details more attractive.

You may need to contact an expert tattoo specialist to decide the best age and colour for your tattoo if you are looking for some of the most affordable and high quality tattoos in the UAE to have an extra boost in your self confidence.

Is this not an important factor?

The number of tattoos available is limited, particularly in the form of tattoos in Arabic and even in English. This is mostly due to the current lack of Arabic tattoo artists and they are currently only allowed to work with UAE clients. They only have the right to work with foreigners in the UAE or if you have been invited by the Embassy or Ambassador of UAE.

This means that there are still lots of people without decent Arabic skills and these people are left with just a couple of suitable Arabic tattoo artists that aren’t getting many applicants.

How to Choose a Turkish, Egyptian or Indonesian Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo artists in UAE often have high standard so you should be patient and try to talk to at least three people to decide on your right choice which is the best for you because each of the tattooists has his own unique style and preferences. You will never find a different tattoo tattoo artist in Dubai and he or she will make your tattoo a masterpiece.

The best times in Dubai to get a new tattoo or re-do one are in July, August and October as we have the warm sunny climate and our sunbathers are quite happy to get a sunbather tattooed in Dubai.
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Here is a list of Turkish and Egyptian tattoo artists in UAE which you can use to decide an appropriate tattoo artist for you.

1. Turkish Tattoo Artist – Gergal Akan – Baku: The best Turkish tattooist with a huge number of