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Are those who wear realistic ones more likely to become obese?

When you think about it, this could be true. But the study found that realistic tattoos were no more likely to age more than plain or non-reflective tattoos.

“Ink may be a better way to convey something real or personal that a man is going through,” said study researcher Jessica O’Connor, PhD. “However, because the majority of men in this sample wear tattoo patches, it is quite possible that there are other reasons behind the difference in how they age.”

How about people who buy realistic tattoos, but then want to take a break from them and be more casual with their appearance? The more they think about these tattoos, the better the ink aging might be for them.

“We don’t know if there is a benefit to having realistic tattoos or not because our findings do not support this idea,” said study participant and tattoo artist Peter O’Connor. “There could also be a downside because you can’t fake it – even if you put two patches on the same body.”

The average length of a non-reflective tattoo is about 7.5 cm. The average length of an actual tattoo is 16 cm – so one would expect realistic tattoos to have a less-than-16 cm lifespan.

“One of the biggest problems in tattoo art is it is difficult to express something to someone’s face, especially if they already think it’s silly,” O’Connor said. “In order for a man to feel a tattoo he is seeing, it needs to be genuine and natural looking. But realistically reflecting the body would make it hard to show people at the time they might become uncomfortable. So, it looks like it would make a man very emotional.”

Other findings are that women are less likely to view tattoos as a sexual object than men and that older guys tend to prefer men with more realistic tattoos.

“There are a lot of tattoos out there that are very realistic but do not look good on a man, and there are also tattoos that have an extremely realistic look but are completely unsuitable to be seen by women,” O’Connor said. “So we found that non-realistic tattoos could be appealing to the male gaze – even though they might not look as good on a woman.”

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