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A new book by an influential British politician claims that British Jews have been brainwashed into accepting Britain’s “destructive” and “anti-Semitism-free” image.

Britain was once an “anti-imperialist, anti-racist” and “progressive”, according to the book, published by The Economist magazine. Now, however, it has fallen under the influence of “Israel-lite” Zionism, “the Zionist regime”, and “hate” that seeks to “destroy British Jews and other cosmopolitan and non-Orthodox Jews alike.”

“British Jews…are not free, neither is the British state,” the author’s brother is quoted as saying. “In this [Brexit] scenario, Jews are the losers – that is obvious; the only logical explanation.”

The New York Times Magazine’s David Remnick said this book could “change British Jews’ views of what is best about their country”.

“The [Brexit] vote will not change the British Jews’ views of what is best about their country,” David Remnick, a former editor of The New Yorker, writes in the book, in which the author argues that Britain and Israel have become “enemies on the same side, at least culturally”, who must move on.

Rashida Manjoo, a former UN human rights officer, said the book was disturbing, given that “the United Kingdom itself is a country founded on multiculturalism”.

“I find the book appalling and shocking, but that’s the nature of the British press, even in a British newspaper. But if you live here, I think this is a real book that needs to be talked about… I think it’s not just a book about the British,” Manjoo said on RT UK’s The One Show.

The book is one of an unprecedented series of British academics seeking to address Britain’s “dehumanising image” after Israel’s military takeover of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

“The British Jews have been brainwashed into a fantasy world,” the author’s brother is quoted as saying. “… The British Jewish people have grown accustomed to the idea that the state of Israel is the one and only true place in history. That is now clearly an error of judgment

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