Do lotus flowers grow in mud?


A lotus flower is a large bloom that may be one of the very first things visitors to an English garden will see before they arrive. They are very large, spreading out and having a lovely, deep red colour. These flowers are a favourite and will grow in a wide variety of soils including a variety of soils in the garden so there will be lots of opportunities to show them off. They are popular for their fragrant smell, which is due to the fragrant oils in the blossoms. These blooms are ideal for hanging baskets, vases and bags, and should be given plenty of room. The best time to plant lotus flowers is in the late spring and summer, which are when they are first blooming.

What is the significance of the Lotus in English and Scottish folk-lore?

The Lotus in English and Scottish folk-lore refers to flowers that symbolise healing and health. The flowers may also be used in religious ceremonies as part of the ceremony.

What is the most expensive flower in the world? What is its flower colour? What is it named?

Luxurs are the flowers that come from the ‘black lotus’ of the Greek myth. They are usually a pale pink with a small dark blue flower. They do grow in the UK but are not common in North America, except at a local nursery or garden centre.

Is a lotus in the middle a flower or an oil? Is it a weed? Do I need a licence to grow one? Which garden products have been used to make oil from it?

Lotus oil is a chemical compound that can be found in different plants. It is produced by the flowers of many different plants but mainly comes from the black lotus.

There is also some evidence in the book ‘Gardening the Natural World’ and ‘The Growing Plant’ that there are small lotsus flowers which smell ‘strong’ like oil (and not oil). The flowers themselves are never used for any commercial or health purpose although they were used as an ingredient in some medicines.

Do you need to be a member of a certain religious sect to grow a lotus in your garden?

Yes, we have a small list of religions which consider the lotus and its flowers a very special plant.

Where are black lotus flowers grown and where do they come from?

There are black lotus flowers in other parts of the world, including Europe which