Do lotus flowers grow in mud? – Pinterest Tattoossmall

How much does the flower weigh?

Why is the flower red and the leaves green?

What is the size of the flower?

What did the elephant say to the child whose mother made him eat the flower?

What is the name of the famous woman who did a painting from a flower?

What did the snake say to the tiger?

What is the name of an important mountain called Nanda Dharmadhamma mountain?

How fast is the grasshopper?

What does the elephant go through to feed the baby tiger?

What is the name of the river?

Why can’t you see the elephant from the top of the mountain?

Why does the cow always go to the right?

What does a bird say when it is afraid of the tiger?

What is the name of the city?

Which animal is the big one in the temple?

Why should you cut a lotus flower?

Why is the flower orange or gold colored?

What does the horse go through when the sun is shining?

What is the name of the big river with the mountain?

Why is the river black?

Why is the tree so tall?

What does a fish say when it is hungry?

By Mike Stone on Jun 23, 2006 in News |

For the last 40 years a group of hard-core rock fans known as The Bandits have been stealing music from bands on various labels in a massive conspiracy to make money by selling a bunch of copies.

Last week, a new report by New Republic magazine exposed the band’s identity as Paul and Cathy Schulte, the sole surviving members of the group created in the early 1960s and based in New Mexico. Their real names of Frank Sperry, Mark Schulte and Michael Schult, are just an afterthought, the only detail being their stage names, which have since been changed to “The Dukes of Hazzard.” The band’s last album was released in 1988. Here’s how this has been going for the last 40 years…

They began taking music from other bands and posting it on the disc jockeys that they worked for. Then, after a while, they became the sole band, and began to steal other people’s work. They started to sell out to record companies that wanted material from them, and then they started to gain control of record

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