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The U.S. was not the first nation to have tattoo parlors. India had them for centuries, and the British in colonial America had to use them since the early 1800s. But for a change to occur, the African slaves needed to be taught about the beauty and benefits of skin color. They were not taught to put it on their own bodies.
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In 1819, a white surgeon in Richmond, Virginia operated on a child as part of an experiment to see if they would be influenced by the color their skin, which was black. He had already done tattoos to test for “biorhythms” as a therapy for mental illness.

“This boy is a pure white boy of very pure white complexion with no traces of any black blood,” the doctor said, according to an archived recording from a Virginia medical journal. “He will never exhibit any black or dark skin signs.”

So this little one was born a white boy.

But not like us.

According to a study from 2003, around 90% of white children under the age of 6 have at least one tattoo. By contrast, that statistic is about one-third for black kids.

While many say tattoos reflect the culture of the region, a small percentage is done by people for their own, and not for other motives.

A few examples of that include:

Kanye West, the most famous tattooist in the world, wrote in a letter from prison that the ink he used to decorate his hands was never used to color him.

In the 80s and 90s, tattoos became more common among young people, and many people began taking them more seriously. In 2011, the Pew Research Center reported that a record number of American children were having tattoos.

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