Did slaves get tattoos? – Small Simple Tattoo Ideas For Guys

It depends on the culture and its history. A tattoo was, at one time, a sign of respect, if not pride in the power and strength. In some cultures tattoos represent one’s status and one’s place on an ancient and spiritual path.

How are tattoos popular among white people? I’ve seen white tattoos in white skin as black, white, black, black, white…and, oh yeah, white. (You’d think that this would’ve been a common problem before tattooing became widespread…but hey, people change.) Here is a link to some pictures of some white people getting tattoos.

What’s the most popular tattoo? I guess that depends on how it is perceived. I’m not even sure it’s a fact…maybe it’s a trend-thing.

I’ve got a huge tattoo on my arm. I don’t know why I’m always asked about my tattoo! What is it? I’m still being asked about this to this day — some people have tattooed me for the past few years. I think it just makes me look like a little girl!

Where do you get your tattoos? Well, most African-Americans take the color pink as their symbol, but here is a list of popular names for tattoos:

* * *

Tattooing is not just a fashion statement. What are some tips for tattooists? I want to say to my staff, but also to black tattoo artists in general…I think, first, do what you can for your clients…be patient, treat everybody with respect. I’d like to point out this post and that post…that I put on the site (and, yes, I’m putting on the page): “How To Tattoo a Black Woman” and “How to Tattoo a Black Man”.

What about people of color who want to get a tattoo? Black and brown men can get a tattoo in any color and culture that they like. The color of some tattoos, which I have seen on some black tattoo artists, are not the color that a lot of black people choose to get. Black women can get tattoos in many, many different styles. Some women go with a lot of different designs, like:

* * *

And some women may prefer a more subtle design, like:

* * *

All this is about you? I hope so. I hope you’ll read through all the different blogs and posts on the site and give your opinion

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