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One thing everyone wants in a new home is privacy and peace of mind. That’s why we’ve designed this modular, secure home with an all-new exterior and an extra layer of privacy inside. Perfect for families with children or those who simply need to relax and be safe without intruders breaking in. With your support and contributions, this project will become a reality!

Please note: All pledges made directly through the campaign will receive a free signed 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ original artwork by Matt Lees that was created when we designed the building and exterior.

To our backers

Our thanks for backing our project!

Our thanks for your support of this project!

To our backers who have donated to our Kickstarter campaign.

Your generosity with our Kickstarter campaign is truly appreciated and not only gives our project an awesome new home. It will also help us spread the word about the project – which is important to us because we believe it’s the best way to have any chance of reaching our Kickstarter goal.

Thank you,
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The The Family

The Kickstarter campaign is a great way to help share this very exciting project with as many people as possible. We hope you will join us as we make it possible for more people to build their own personal protective enclosure within the house. We know that our Kickstarter campaign is a unique one because of the unique design of the exterior/insulation of this home. We feel this is something every homeowner will love and want to have. This is why we are so excited and grateful for your help!

And if you have any questions, let us know by leaving a comment!

Have you seen our original Kickstarter?

There is something really cool about what you find inside the house.

Our plan is to bring the unique design of this home, along with the unique interior, back on Kickstarter. We want you all to get in the driver’s seat early, pre-order your home and have your home on Kickstarter by the end of July so to add up all of our incredible rewards is time well spent. We will continue to update, share and share what we are up to in this exciting story. You can keep in touch by following us on Facebook.

What’s inside ?

1) The first floor.

2) The 2nd floor.

3) The 3rd floor, and 4th floor.

4) The top level entrance