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That’s a good question. Some people in the hip-hop business are going to make a million dollars and it all depends what your intention is. Some of the best ones are getting it done for free — as kids we go to a studio for free, and some people who don’t have all the money want to get it done for as low as $200 or $300. Some people get it for free and then make a million dollars at the end of their careers. I don’t want to say “I made it for free” all the time, because that puts you into a hole if you got it, but that definitely puts you in as good of a position as possible to take a chance.”

B: When you look at yourself and what you look like you probably say “I don’t wanna work out my body,” right?

SM: Right, right… but that’s not the whole picture. Not everybody — not everybody comes to it as an artist. Some people come to it thinking you’re an artist on paper, but then they look at it and they realize who it is really: a very expensive artist. The whole concept of getting up there and trying to get a tattoo that’s going to give you an image on your body — it’s not going to do you any good with that. You’re going to look ridiculous. You don’t need a body art to have an image on your body — it’s the image in your head. That’s where the money’s going to come from. That’s where the real money is going to come from, and I’m not going to give you any money — but I tell you what, it’s so much cheaper to get one that’s very special than a regular, non-special tattoo.
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I was always at the beginning stage before I got a body art, and it was so much more fun when you were doing some stuff your body — no one can see the work that’s being done on your body. When you do body art you put a lot of thought into what you’re doing — you take your time, you’re going to keep the tattoo and the work fresh, you keep the body art the same. You do that and you don’t have to do anything else. When you’re going through the process with a regular tattoo on your body, you can see it and it might bleed and you want to throw it on the floor; you can’t do that with a regular one. You have to show off that you love

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