Can anyone get Samoan tattoos?

This is why I know my life is going to be a long one.

Bryan R. Kelly, Ph.D. is an evolutionary psychologist and co-author of Evolutionary Psychology (Penguin, 2017). Dr. Kelly teaches courses at Columbia University, the University of Missouri-Columbia and the University of California-Santa Cruz. He has recently been writing about evolutionary psychology in a new book called “Beneath the Skin,” based on his interviews with Dr. Ryan Holiday and Robert Trivers. To comment on this article, visit our Facebook page.

Mikoto Misaka Mikoto was one of the main members of a highschool student council in Touma’s class. … With his strong sense of justice, Mikoto saw nothing wrong that the clubroom girls had been taking advantage of their classmates. Later on, she confronted Kaname Hoshizora in the clubroom using a gun he made as an experiment …

This piece is by the brilliant British-Russian artist Yossi Gopstein.

A few days ago, two women, a 23-year-old Iranian and a 27-year-old German-Russian, were arrested outside the U.S. consulate for not having a visa and were found in possession of the same two passports they were travelling on. In both cases, they had allegedly applied for the same entry permit to enter the U.S. on April 10, 2015, the day before their visas expired both times — and, in one case, even bought them the same day. The two women, both of them immigrants from Russia, had, in total, been arrested for illegally entering the U.S. nine times, by a total of 27 times, at three different U.S. entry ports since 2015. In two cases, they were stopped at the border, their passports were taken, and they were never identified and had to be turned over to immigration authorities.

This is one of the more bizarre and unusual examples that I’ve ever seen of people in possession of the same passports, when they supposedly want to travel to a country with which they do not have a relationship.

First, two Iranian-Russian citizens, a woman aged 22 and a 22-year-old woman aged 31, were arrested for illegally crossing the U.S. border from Mexico in Arizona. One was detained for five days, while the other was detained for one night. Both were ultimately deported, while the 22-year-old was sent back to her