Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Tattoo Designs Simple

Or do I need to leave the island for that?

There’s no ‘one correct answer’ to this question! It’s up to you!

What about other ‘minor’ tattoos

There’s many different kinds of tattoos – be it a simple circle, some different designs, a tattoo style or an animal character. But the most important thing is that you get them all!

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Some people see what they want for themselves, but others see these tattoos as something that will ‘signal’ to other people that you know you should’ve gone somewhere else like a club or clubbing place.

Do you have any tattoos that reflect the way you work?

If there’s a tattoo on your wrist, forearm or back it has to symbolise something important to you. Some people get tattoos as a part of their work or work has influenced a part of their tattoo.

For example, if you are a singer, you might get tattoos to represent your passion for the instrument of your choice, or your own style.

Sometimes tattoos are not as big as the ones above, but these do reflect something personal.

What do people think of your tattoo style?

Most people love that they have something on them that’s distinctive. Some people have tattoos that say ‘I’m special’ or ‘I deserve to have this on me’ or ‘I don’t have an idea what exactly I’m doing here’ which is great!

Some people choose to get a tattoo for themselves, although I never advise it! But if you’re really passionate about your tattoo you might think that getting it should happen.

Do you think a tattoo will help you make a mark on the world?

Some people get tattooed because they are looking for something unique, such as a design on their back that expresses a person or what they think of as a distinctive look. Others get it to make them stand out more from the crowd, like what I’ve got here.

I like the way it looks and I got the idea from the movie ‘The Matrix’ which features Neo and the Joker getting their necks tatted up! The movie ends with the two men facing each other in the middle of the streets. A little boy says ‘Hey Neo, can I have that tattoo?’ and Neo says yes. The little boy gets his tattoo too!

I think it’s great that this tattoo means something to me; it’s been a long time since I’ve had any

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