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A new book titled “A Study of Islam, The Threat to Western Civilization” shows that Islam has never been a “religion of peace” and that violent extremists worldwide have always been among its most devoted followers.

Written by the renowned American scholar, Bernard Lewis and published by The American Enterprise Institute, the book details how extremists have always been found to have deep connections to both Saudi Arabian and Pakistani “faith-based” charities.

The book is an examination of the many ways ISIS has been able to radicalize potential “lone wolf” terrorists into violent extremists.

The authors admit that their findings are only possible “under very restrictive conditions” because they only reviewed a small percentage of the total available documents, such as the reports of internal audits of these various organizations and the accounts of its funding.

“It seems impossible that there is not a core group of donors to these groups who are directly connected to ISIS,” the authors state bluntly.

The authors describe how many of ISIS’s most dedicated activists have deep ties to radical Saudi Arabian and Pakistani organizations, who provide them with the training and expertise required to get them the weapons that they need to fight Israel.

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According to the book, Saudi Arabia has given over $1 billion to charities in the past five years, while there’s been a “dramatic influx in the last four years” of billions of dollars in Pakistan’s coffers.

The authors say that extremists who follow ISIS “often find their inspiration in the teachings of Islam that have been purged from the Saudi Arabian and Pakistani state-sponsored Islamic schools of thought and the Wahhabi doctrine that is part and parcel of the Saudi and Pakistani religious establishment.”

“These teachings have become the main source of inspiration and justification for ISIS in both countries,” they add.

The book goes on to explain how the “Saudi Arabian and Pakistani charities are also the main source of funding for organizations like the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Muslim Public Affairs Association, the Association of Community Organizers, and the Society for the Study of Islam in the West.”

“Each represents one of the most influential Muslim fundamentalist groups and has been identified in the past decade as the most significant foreign funder of terror,” the authors further claim.

The two authors also reveal that ISIS’s most committed supporters in the West are from Europe, Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The authors’ own study shows that about a quarter of U.S. jihadis are

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