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A tribal tattoo is a tattoo of a symbol or design in the shape of a totem animal, but usually a symbol of a spiritual origin. Typically, a tattoo is a depiction of a specific totem beast. Typically, tattoos are of a shape chosen by the person to represent that which most represents or speaks to them emotionally.

Do tattoos cost anything?

They are very expensive because of the time that goes into the design and the design itself. You can get a tribal tattoo for less than $200, but most people who attempt to get a tribal tattoo will have to spend upwards of $800 just to get a tattoo and then wait for the tattoo to be done. Tribal tattoos can range from $150 to over $300. Because of the lengthy design process and the cost, most people will go to tattoo studios to either have the tattoo done or not get a tattoo at all because they are willing to put in that time and money.

Is there a cost to get a tribal tattoo?

Absolutely there is a cost involved. Some tribal tattoos cost anywhere from $150 to $200, and that includes the studio you go to, the tattoo itself, all the ink and the tattoo studio itself. You may need to pay out of your own pocket as well; for example, you may need the studio to provide you with the services and supplies you need to get the tattoo done. Most tattoo studios do accept credit cards for payment when there is payment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other costs involved, and you do have to make sure you pay them as well.

Is this the only way to get a tattoo?

No, this is an extremely rare way to get a tattoo; it is one I only see occasionally. When people get tribal tattoos, that is usually because they see them as part of their daily life, and so it does not feel right to have a tattoo done in a studio.

What is tribal tattoo etiquette?

Some people go so far as to try to avoid getting tattoos altogether because they do not like tattoos on their skin. This is where the importance of tribal tattoo etiquette becomes important. If at any point you are uncomfortable with the tattoo or think that it is “unacceptable,” it is important to just let the tattoo artist know and he can then do what he needs to do to make a different tattoo. Also, when a tattoo artist is working on a specific tribal tradition, they will be more careful and will avoid doing “too traditional” tattoos

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