Can a divorced Catholic remarry?

Answer: There are many factors of factors beyond the scope of this article – a divorced spouse whose life is in very good shape and who loves God as he truly is can remarry. It doesn’t have to be the first step, but a very important step. If God wants them to join in his life at the heart of the Church, their first and principal priority is to follow God’s will by remaining faithful to Jesus and to the Church. It means accepting his call (see Heb. 9:22) and following him wherever God leads – in marriage, in our families, and in our churches. It means taking into account the circumstances in which we live – economic needs, political changes, and so on. It means always making a conscious choice to be faithful and to stay on track with our God-given vocation. But the second step is always available: If God wants us to join him in our life in Christ, it is our duty to pursue our vocation with all the heart and strength we have. And it is the Church’s practice to provide the possibility for this by taking all these measures for the good of the souls who are in need of conversion and for the souls who have been saved and are now seeking for salvation. This is where the sacraments are concerned: With God’s help we seek after Christ on earth. With Christ’s help we pursue the sacraments. But we must know and be confident that there is no reason for us to abandon the full use of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

What about a pre-nup?

Answer: An exception is called for when a pre-nup is signed by the ex-spouse. In these cases, the divorced spouse has an obligation to take the sacrament of consecration – especially by the laity. This sacrament, consecration, is said both to God and to them. The sacrament gives both an opportunity to celebrate the marriage in God and in the sacrament it opens up a new beginning with God’s Spirit in the redeemed spouse’s life, a renewed love and a new, joyous life. This sacrament alone can accomplish the sacraments that are available for divorced spouses.

Why can’t I get married or remarry at every step?
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Answer: This can be a great help to the spouse, especially a new marriage. The divorced spouse’s life needs to be preserved but in the same way a new, faithful relationship exists between them. At times, the relationship will