Are tattoos unhealthy? – Simple Small Tattoo Drawings

No. The only reason to get a tattoo is as a mark of your identity, and there are thousands of beautiful tattoos out there. Your choice should be something that does not upset the balance of your body, something you feel comfortable with. If it doesn’t do this, it’s not the work that you are being paid to do, so don’t bother! Just let your tattooist do his or her job!

Will I get a tattoo if I am pregnant?

Yes! There are many reasons why you would want a tattoo, and even though it makes you look good, it is not a guarantee that you will. It is the tattoo artist and not you who will decide if it looks good or not. Your health and well-being are your main concern, not the tattoo artist’s.
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Please see our detailed article on pregnancy and tat etiquette for more information, and here are some helpful articles on tattoo etiquette:

What tattoo artists have used for tattoos?

Here’s a bit of history!

Many of the tattooed artists who created the early tattoo work we are familiar with were in the tattoo industry themselves, and these artists contributed a large proportion of the early tattoo art that was widely distributed during and after the 1800’s. Here are just a few artists who used tattoo designs:

Alfred Beringer

Bing Crosby

Frederick E. Krieger

John A. Lees

John Bode

Sylvain Carrel

Maurice F. Debecker

Hugh James

John M. Leggett

Brenton McKim-Boyle

James M. MacPherson

Joseph Mabel, Jr

John Merriman (b. 1916)

Léonard Maude

Arthur Mardal

Dennis Naylor

David Guglièvère

Diane Neidhart

Léonard Poulain

Robert Renard, Sr.

Henry Rose

George Rose

The late Henry Rose, Sr.

Dennis Rose

Chenry Rose

Doris Rose

Edmond Rose

Edie Ruggiero, Sr. (1907 – 1993)

Edith Rose

Gustav Rosado

Sylvain Rocher

Louis Rocher

Vic Royaux

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