Are tattoos unhealthy?

It’s no secret that people who do a lot of tattooing do have a lower risk than individuals doing a little or nothing. But that’s not because they’re all unhealthy, but because the amount of work involved in having those tattoos varies a lot among people. If you want to get the most out of your tattooing, make sure to get a professional tattoo.

How should I care for my new tattoo?

We all carry around a lot of bacteria in our body and it can spread easily as a result of any activity you do in any particular area of your body. It’s important to regularly clean your body, and wash your hands, face, and teeth each morning. While you’re at it, also take care of your jewelry. If you take a look around your house and you find jewelry that looks dirty, you’re probably not dealing with a good case of bacteria.

Tattoos are also known to stain the skin, especially if you have a small piece of skin exposed at the center of the tattoo. While this tends to happen more with larger amounts of tattooing, you can keep that in mind when going for a “clean up” job so the tattoo doesn’t stay on your body.

How long will a tattoo heal?

It’s a common misconception among tattoo artists that if you keep your tattooing done all day, the process will take several weeks or months to build up to a tattoo’s full potential. This is not true. In fact, if you apply a lot of tattoo cleaning fluid all week and all weekend, there is very little risk of it causing a permanent tattoo. As long as the tattoo doesn’t grow more than 2 inches the first few weeks after you apply it, the tattoo should heal. For small-to-medium tattoos, however, it may take several weeks to a month for the body to fully heal its scar tissue. That’s not to say that getting a tattoo at an earlier stage won’t help you build up to a full-fledged, more permanent one later down the road.

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