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Many people have tattoos and the laws may differ in their country. Some Islamic governments, like Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, ban the use of any tattoos in their countries. It is very difficult to find a lawyer or doctor who can properly advise a woman to leave the tattooing process to a tattoo artist alone. One of the ways that tattoos may be seen as violating the tenets of Islam is if the ink is not covered up. Some Islamic societies may apply the shariah or Islamic laws to the issue of tattoos.

Do the laws allow for any tattoos or body piercings?

Islamic law allows for tattoos such as the moustache. This is because the moustache is an emblem of Muslim culture, as it is seen as an ideal way of showing love for Allah with an eye towards perfection and self-improvement.

What must Muslim women wear like in public?

It is recommended that women wear a headscarf at all times of the day. Muslims may wear one under their dress, and a similar veil may be worn over their head from head to toe. They may also wear full make-up including eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick, make-up that they may leave in their pockets. This is not required by the government or the ruling council, however it is encouraged in order for a woman to conform to her religion. They may wear long and loose-fitting clothes with little to nothing showing, but in many cases women do not feel comfortable with this and some women still find it difficult.

Do all Muslims know how Islamic law applies to them?
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The laws regarding the dress and behaviour of women in Islamic countries varies between individual countries. If a woman is going to dress immodestly or with very little clothing, they may face the penalty of flogging.

Is it permissible to wear a head covering in public?

It is illegal for a Muslim woman to cover her head in public. This includes the hijab (the full-face covering covering the head, face and body), the niqab (face-veil), and any other covering that restricts the view of the face and neck.

What is the punishment for an unripe mango?

It is also illegal to eat an unripe mango on Ramadan, unless it is cooked and dried within the time limit specified for the fruits in the Quran. It is only possible to eat the fruit during a period of fast.

What happens if a woman

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