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The waltz is very powerful in the hands of a good master performer.

When the performer has mastered the basic movements, like the swing of the leg with the back leg, then an advanced performer has the ability to make the moves much easier and a master performer could even create more complex movements so that he also makes them easier.

To use the following example, as the performer is using the waltz you can see that he is trying to do the back swing, but he is not able to do it to perfection, as many of the moves are difficult for him. This is why the waltz is important: for even an advanced performer it is the foundation of his work.

As you can see in the picture we have 4 people moving their partner to the left-side using their partner’s back swing: one is playing the left half of the waltz; the other one is playing the right half of the waltz; the third one is playing the left half of the waltz with his partner’s foot as an anchor.

This is done in the following combination:

From the left side the performer moves his partner with his back and a hand, he then starts on the right side with his partner’s left back. From the right side the performer moves his partner with his back and a hand he repeats the left half of the waltz, then he begins on the left side with the right half of the waltz. In this way the whole waltz is played to perfection, a master performer could not do this without mastering the techniques.

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As you can see these are just simple movements, but as the master performer, he knows that he has the ability to do more complex movements but it requires a lot of practice and is a difficult exercise.

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